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Online craps is most definitely a game of strategy. Of course, luck is involved – and of course there are different kinds of strategy that gamblers can use when approaching this high-energy casino game.

One such strategy is rightly called the Aggressive Craps Strategy. What it does is it lets gamblers cover more than three points as the Conventional craps strategy does. Since covering more than two points at a time sometimes tends to cover more outside numbers than inside, the Aggressive Strategy has bettors place their fourth point stakes on the six or eight.

To put the strategy into motion, begin by making a pass-line bet with double odds. Following this, make two come wagers on the next two rolls with double odds until three points have been covered. On the next roll, make a place bet on either the 6 or 8. (If one of your points is a 6 or 8, simply make another low-risk come bet) Be sure to place this bet in multiples of $6 in order to insure you receive a full payout and not get shorted by the casino.

When using the Aggressive Craps Strategy, remember that keeping track of four numbers is no easy skill at first. Work your way up and insure you are comfortable with two and three bets at a time.

Slot Definition Differs Depending on Who You Talk To  

InAlabama they are still trying to figure out what a slot machine is believe it or not. The government there has been fighting over the definition of a slot machine for years, and there is still no happy medium for them. As far as Governor Bob Riley is concerned, if it looks and sounds like a slot machine than it is a slot machine. But others are not as steadfast in their interpretation.

Several within the state have been trying to bring in Canadian blackjack online game as they say that it would make more money for the state. However, Riley says that they are just glorified slot machines and wonâ ™t allow them. Those companies that have already brought in the bingo machines are having them seized out of their establishments and being told that they are breaking the law.

The National Indian Gaming Commission and the United States Department of the Interior disagree with Riley. They say that under federal law that they are allowed to bring in the bingo machines because they are considered Class II slot machines. They are legal because of the deal that the government has struck with the tribes. We took their land, so they get bingo machines.

He says that if the tribes want to allow bingo they are going to have to use paper cards, and not electronic slot machines. He says that the process of weeding out these slot machines is not to give total control to the tribes it is to remove illegal slot machines from the state.

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