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It is being widely speculated on Internet gambling s and message boards throughout the Internet that as a result of Barack Obama’s victory in the US Presidential elections this week, this may mean a more evenhanded approach to the regulation of Internet gambling in the USA.

Among these many bloggers whose opinions are generally based on personal views and political perspectives, there is one serious minded hard-nosed business assessment that was published by the recognized consultants Merrill Lynch, the well-known and well respected international analysts, brokers and business consultants, which has been encouraging gambling companies by saying that an Obama victory could very well lead in the U.S. to more open markets.

Stressing recent moves by Democratic Congressman Barney Frank to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the law that was introduced in October 2006 in order to prohibit the transfer of funds from financial institutions to internet gambling firms, a Merrill Lynch broker has said that the company thinks that the election of Obama to the presidency could ultimately pave the way for online gaming regulation rather than its prohibition.

As the Merill Lynch broker puts it, there have been separate distinct acts to legalize internet gambling in addition to those that particularly target poker and additional games of skill. It is his opinion that such legislation would likely have a greater chance of being passed with a Democrat president and Democrat-dominated Congress.

This reported possibility of a freer market appearing in the United States has had the affect of boosting Partygaming shares by 6.15 percent or 8p to 138p, and while those of 888 Holdings, are up 12.46 percent or 9.5p at 85.75p.

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